Goodbye, Home and Gardens

26 Aug
Dear readers, My home and gardens, featured in this blog, are now in the hands of a wonderful family with children and dogs. The years spent here with my husband were incredible. We loved our neighborhood, our home and the...
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Chocolate Chili Cookies

24 Dec
This recipe never disappoints. If you like gingerbread and you like chocolate, bake these for a sweet and spicy chocolate fix. The recipe that I used came from the blog, Savour Fare. I altered the recipe by using powdered ancho chile...
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Yes, The Deer Ate the Yucca

9 Feb
Deer damage. February 2014 Well, not the entire yucca. Not yet—and there's no sign of spring around here. It's been a cold winter and food is scarce, so hungry deer seek out plants that aren't on the regular menu. The...
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Baked Gifts: Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

7 Dec
For the holiday season, I'm repeating this post from 2012. This Chocolate Biscotti Recipe from David Lebovitz is easy to make. Bake a delicious gift! Start out with good ingredients such as Valrhona Cocoa,demerara sugar, slivered almonds and chocolate chips....
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